Dorchester Boat and Fleet Services

Introducing Our New Floating Dry Dock

Dorchester Shipyard proudly announces the completion of our new Floating Dry Dock adding to our haul-out capabilities. 100 Feet by 71 feet and a 500 Ton load capacity. We also have a 500 ton railway that will continue in service.

Dorchester Shipyard has a rich history of Ship Building going back 100 years. Oyster Boats, Schooners (Including The AJ Meerwald), and Fishing Vessels were built here. And during WWll, Dorchester Shipyard played an important role in the war effort. Scores of boats were built for the Army, 1943-1944 including Tug Boats, Mine Planters, Self-Propelled Barges, and passenger cargo boats.

We are proudly continuing the tradition that we inherited, and pay homage to the thousands of men and women who walked where we walk, and worked tirelessly for the security and benefit of our country. Craftsmen who took raw lumber and masterfully crafted wooden schooners and oyster boats, with hand tools and handed down knowledge to the WWII era patriots who answered the call and worked around the clock to support our troops, Dorchester Shipyard has been forever woven into the fabric of America’s maritime history. We invite you to experience Dorchester Shipyard, where old meets new on the meandering historic Maurice River.

Our Boat Repair Services Include: