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Dorchester Shipyard in Dorcasester NJ serving South Jersey

Welcome to Dorcherster Shipyard...
For over eight decades The Dorchester Shipyard has been proudly building and repairing ships in the South Jersey area. Dorchester is a commercial construction, repair, and maintenance facility. Commissioned to build Ships for the U.S Army during WW II this shipyard was a source of pride for its community. Located on the Southern tip of New Jersey it was also a provider of jobs to all on the East Coast.

Under new ownership we strive to not only continue to do our job with a commitment to excellence but to also use current technological advances to keep us on the cutting edge as a leader in safety and innovation.

Our Vision is to accomplish our mission as a team, ensuring safety and quality for our employees. All the while increasing our technology and credibility to become a leader of innovation.

Dorchester Shipyard has a highly skilled staff with an unsurpassed commitment to quality and excellence eager to provide you with complete marine services. Whether it's from our parts department to engineering and design we can accommodate any needs and/or specifications in repair and construction. Dorchest Shipyard is located on the Delaware Bay at 13 Front St. Dorchester, NJ. Our Facility covers 20 acres and has 4 railways and 3 docks.

  Dorchester Shipyard Inc.  -  P.O. Box 600  -  13 Front Street  -  Dorchester, New Jersey 08316 Phone: (856) 785-8040   Fax: (856) 785-8043   Email: info@dorchestershipyard.com    

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